Wednesday, May 1, 2013

View from Bedford Basin 2013

Introducing a new panorama painting titled View from Bedford Basin 2013. Another edition in a long running series of Halifax cityscapes that celebrate the town I love.

32" x 72 " of acrylic on concave birch panel with a polished wax finish.This painting continues to explore and develop Kyles distinctive painting style influenced by NSCAD and Nova Scotia Folk art. The slight concave painting surface is an attempt to combine a sophisticated sweeping sculptural shape with a vast panoramic scene to create a god like view from above, down on the the HRM and far out to sea.

Please consider this painting another part of a 50 year series documenting the growth of Halifax as well as the development of a painters style and skill. 28 years down and 22 to go.

Buy this Painting and help support my self directed painting field trip to Spain!

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